At Blend, we believe that business without a conscience is mere transaction. And here comes the Sustainable and Impact Division. Its goal… to add value to businesses by catalysing innovative modes of financing, and supporting corporates and financial institutions that have a positive impact on society, especially in low and middle income countries.

Through this division we endeavour to provide bespoke solutions to such clients and thus further strengthen their own initiatives towards fostering sustainable economic growth that promotes job creation, gender equality, women empowerment, access to sustainable energy, poverty alleviation and generally create resilient infrastructure and well-being for all.

Our involvement isn’t limited to arranging financing. We have in place dedicated teams that help clients define and sharpen their environmental and social impact, proffer key technical and financial know-how, and provide support on documentation, thereby calibrating a comprehensive action plan that is compliant with the impact investors. This approach helps marry the right kind of investors and corporates, thus helping the latter effectively attain their fund-raising goals within a shorter turnaround time.

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