Blend’s ACM is a powerful financial tool offered to clients pursuing a global expansion mission. Its advantages are best encapsulated in these USPs…

Flexible Solutions: ACM provides greater flexibility than local bank debt, which is hemmed in by several limitations such as smaller ticket size, lack of risk appetite, lack of understanding of different/niche risks, etc.

Lender Reach: With our strong lender reach across geographies including EMEA, Europe and Asia, we are best placed to arrange liquidity at shorter notice (bridge to bond) for large institutions.

Credit Enhancements: We are potently provisioned to help entities expand beyond geographical limits and avail credit lines via innovative structures. Our involvement makes effective borrowing more competitive and beneficial. Thanks to the depth of lender options as well as the introduction of new structures.

Speciality Products

  • Refinance / Debt Consolidation
  • Project Finance
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Senior Unsecured Debt for Onward Lending
  • Repo (Currency Swap)
  • Co-financing
  • Credit Rating and Bond Issuance
  • Portfolio Sell Down
  • Term Loans
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