The world of corporate finance keeps evolving. Corporate and business entities across the spectrum face increasingly complex financial structuring problems in their race to stay ahead of the curve.

Blend International incorporated in 2023 under the aegis of DIFC (Regulated by DFSA), we endeavour to constantly strive to keep up with the ever-changing times and develop new ways of global management and financial consultancy to help deliver potent financial outcomes.

Global Management and Financial Consultancy encompasses all that we do. Within that, a comprehensive range of speciality products and services sharply focus on areas where we have excelled at delivering that critical edge. Offering a gamut of financial solutions to the entire spectrum of clients – from corporates, financial institutions and banks to sovereign and parastatal bodies.

Our global management and advisory model is firmed up on the three pillars of Values, Passion and Results. Between them, perpetuating commitment to strong and lasting business relationships, service excellence and client satisfaction.

Our Parent Company, Blend Financials Services Limited (“Blend”) well into its third decade, have carved out a remarkable global presence – offering geographically-relevant and end-to-end integrated solutions to clients from a range of sectors in over 100 countries.

Blend – International Financial Solutions Company Global Financial Solutions Company