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The world of corporate finance keeps evolving. Corporate and business entities across the spectrum face increasingly complex financial structuring problems in their race to stay ahead of the curve.

Blend International incorporated in 2023 under the aegis of DIFC (Regulated by DFSA), we endeavour to constantly strive to keep up with the ever-changing times and develop new ways of global management and financial consultancy to help deliver potent financial outcomes.

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Across Sectors, Situations and Boundaries.


Over the years, our Parent has built a stable and growing network of lenders right around the globe. A network that expands across Middle East, GCC, Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and USA.

It’s been a case of planned and strategic growth, fortified around an uncompromising emphasis on nurturing strong relationships with existing vendors.

This potent combination of expanding network and solid relationships enables us to acquire favourable terms from lenders and leverage the same for our clients – thus becoming the partner of choice for the entire spectrum of clients. As such, we are strategically placed to provide customised solutions to unique client challenges spawned by contemporary business environments.

Further, it empowers us to cater to cross-border projects, finance in different currencies including local currencies, and mitigate risks by virtue of not being dependent on a single lender, currency or country.

Our broad range of specialty products and services are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients across the various sectors and across the world, whether they are corporate, industry conglomerate, renowned banks, development financial institutions, sovereigns’ or parastatals bodies. We are committed to provide flexible solutions to our clients based on their need and requirements. Our dedicated team is working across the globe, with a common goal – ‘Your success is our priority’.

The world is evolving at a frenetic pace. An ever-expanding global economy opens up the most exciting opportunities in the most complex of geographies.

Exciting as they are, they come with their own set of challenges, including local regulations and policies, civil disturbances, weak credentials, syndication requirements on account of large funding, and so on.

Driven by our philosophy that sees an opportunity in every challenge, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in managing transactions in diverse complex environments. With our expertise in various credit enhancement measures, we are able to provide the required financial solutions.

Our team work together to uncover the financial structuring scope insights. By sharing knowledge across industries and geographies we are able to generate richer perspectives on global, regional and local financial solutions landscapes. The ability to exchange and debate on niche solutions in a collaborative environment enriches our teams’ to ensure our best insights are applied for our clients.

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